Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIYs to Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe

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It's only early July, but if you're already feeling tired of your summer clothes (I know I am), here are some money-saving DIY tips to refresh your existing wardrobe.

if you're bored with your denim cut-offs, updating them with a print using a sharpie is the easiest refashion option. If you're feeling a bit more ambitious, bleach them first to add more contrast, or try bleached spots or dip-dyeing them for a bolder look.

This works well for solid coloured t-shirts as well.

You can also add to your shorts collection of you've got a pencil skirt you're willing to part with, and some sewing skills. Check out Lladybird for inspiring refashion pics.
if you have some solid coloured loafers or ballet flats that are in need of some life, try Whybuyit's tutorial to add stripes.

Chevron stripes can also be added to a tank or tee shirt for a more fun look.

If you've overloaded on neutrals, get excited about them again by adding some colour. A neon stripe can make a plain white dress shirt feel new again.

A coloured underlay can be added to a lace skirt or dress (for a no-sew option just cut out the existing lining, and wear a colourful slip under it instead).

Another idea, which I'm planning on trying out myself, is Merrick's anthropologie inspired striped t-shirt, with a floral pocket and back added.


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