Thursday, July 25, 2013

Toronto Swap Events This Week: July 22 -29, 2013

Saturday, July 27
Book, Movie, Music Eco Swap
11am – 9pm
Yonge-Dundas Square
Admission: FREE
Thousands of items will be available at this media swap event. For each item you bring you get a token that can be used towards a new swap find. There will also be a family-friendly section for the kids.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Toronto Swap Events This Week: July 15 -21, 2013

Tuesday, July 16
Summer Swap
5pm – 9pm
Admission: PWYC

Clothing swap and dance party to raise money for Body Theatre’s SummerWorks 2013 production of Salome’s Clothes. 

Thursday, July 18
Clothes Swap
5pm – 7pm
Dufferin Grove Park, 875 Dufferin St
Admission: FREE

This laid back event will take place on the grass, somewhere close to the farmer's market on the North/West side of the park (weather permitting). 

Clothes and Cocktails for Dress for Success
6:30pm – 9pm
Pentimento Fine Art Gallery 1164 Queen St. E

If you have some work clothes to unload, check out this evening of networking, clothes swapping, and fundraising for Dress for Success. For every 5 items you donate, you will get to choose 1 item for yourself.

Saturday, July 20
Uber-Swap Fashion Exchange
11am – 2pm
1114 Queen St. East
Admission: $10

This massive swap event is not to be missed. Bring a minimum of 10 or more 'approved' clothing items. All of the leftover clothing is donated to Double-Take, the Yonge St. Mission's thrift shop or CAMH's Suits Me Fine clothing bank. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIYs to Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe

Photos (from top left):,,,,,,,,

It's only early July, but if you're already feeling tired of your summer clothes (I know I am), here are some money-saving DIY tips to refresh your existing wardrobe.

if you're bored with your denim cut-offs, updating them with a print using a sharpie is the easiest refashion option. If you're feeling a bit more ambitious, bleach them first to add more contrast, or try bleached spots or dip-dyeing them for a bolder look.

This works well for solid coloured t-shirts as well.

You can also add to your shorts collection of you've got a pencil skirt you're willing to part with, and some sewing skills. Check out Lladybird for inspiring refashion pics.
if you have some solid coloured loafers or ballet flats that are in need of some life, try Whybuyit's tutorial to add stripes.

Chevron stripes can also be added to a tank or tee shirt for a more fun look.

If you've overloaded on neutrals, get excited about them again by adding some colour. A neon stripe can make a plain white dress shirt feel new again.

A coloured underlay can be added to a lace skirt or dress (for a no-sew option just cut out the existing lining, and wear a colourful slip under it instead).

Another idea, which I'm planning on trying out myself, is Merrick's anthropologie inspired striped t-shirt, with a floral pocket and back added.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: Brickworks Community Clothing Swap

Photo: Ashley Wallis/

The Basics:
$3 gets you entrance to the 2 hour event, and you get a ticket for each item you bring to be redeemed for a new swap item, to a max of 12. Anything extra was $1 per item. 

Nice space - the Brickworks is a nice venue in general, and the swap took place in a spacious  room, with lots of light. 

Relaxed vibe - there weren't many people in attendance, which meant that although the clothing selection was on the small side, the energy was very laid back. 

Well organized - clothing was organized by gender, with a third section for children's clothes. Women's clothing was also sorted by item - dresses on one rack, jackets on another, and tops and bottoms each had their own tables. 

Difficult to get there. I lucked out with shuttle buses, but the Brickworks is definitely a trek for those of us who don't drive.

No mirrors or change rooms - many swaps don't take place at change room-friendly venues, but it would have been nice if there had been a mirror or two.

Clothing didn't seem to be filtered - I came across a number of items with stains, sweaters with pills, and a few old bras in the mix.

Good for:
Small sizes - the most interesting selection when I arrived was in the 0-2 range.
Kids clothes

Bad for:
Vintage and other unique eye-catching pieces - the selection may have been more interesting at the beginning of the swap, but by the time I arrived, it was mostly jeans, T-shirts, and casual tops and dresses in solid colours. 

5 items

Left with:
6 items. The best find were a pair of near new H&M gladiator heels. I also got a hot pink sweater dress (which I'm on the fence about), a pair of lilac wide-legged 'inspiration' pants that don't quite fit yet,  and white loose-knit v-neck sweater. A lavender T-shirt and ill-fitting striped jersey blouse will be returning to the swap pool. 

Charity element:
leftover clothes were donated, and money raised went to Brickworks community projects

This is an annual event, and I will likely check out the next one. As is usually the case with swaps, I think it's probably better if you get there early ( I arrived 45 minutes in to the event, this time). Even though I didn't find much, I can't really complain about spending $4 to get a cute new pair of dressy summer shoes. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Toronto Swap Events This Week: July 8 -14, 2013

Friday July 12
The Ultimate Exchange Clothing Swap Party
6pm – 9pm
Hugh Garner, Party Room 550 Ontario St 
Admission: $2 donation appreciated

Clean out your closets and pass along those clean) clothes, shoes and accessories you no longer wear. And at the same time you will find "new" items for yourself from the items being passed on by others. There will be no change rooms. Please RSVP.

Saturday, July 13
$2 Clothing Sale
9am – 1pm
The Walmer Centre, 188 Lowther Avenue (map)
Admission: free to get in, $2 per item

So cheap, it's just about as close to swapping as shopping can get. Find some amazing gently-used clothing while helping to support the Live to Give Relief Organization, whose focus is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged men & women. Please bring your own bags!

Vinyl Replay: all-day music event 
11am – 6pm
Artscape Triangle Gallery 38 Abell St. 

Admission is $5.

Hear music collectors discuss their rare collections and play their favourite tunes, and participate in a record swap so you can add to your own collection.