Thursday, November 1, 2012

Inspiring TED Talks for Swappers

Inspired by last week's Toronto TED conference, here are a few inspiring swap-related TED talks worth checking out:

1. Jessi Arrington: Wearing nothing new 
An inspiring talk by a woman who exclusively thrifts for her colourful, creative wardrobe. She speaks more broadly about her creative, playful approach to life in another TED talk, Settings for Creativity.

2. Nancy Judd: Can a Dress Made from Trash Change how you see?
Judd, who makes beautifully crafted clothing from trash, talks about the importance of waste reduction.

3. Suzanne Lee: Grow your own clothes
It's fascinating to hear about her innovations in sustainable materials, and exciting to imagine what the future of clothing might look like.

4. Rachel Botsman: The case for collaborative consumption
Botsman talks about the sharing economy- both in the form of swaps, and on a broader scale. 

5. Dan Phillips: Creative houses from reclaimed stuff
While beer tap faucets, mosaic tiles made from smashed toilets, and license plate shingles may not seem immediately relatable to clothing swaps, Phillips encourages reduction of waste, seeing things with a creative eye, experimenting, and considering alternative possibilities in materials. These are all ideas that can be applied to many areas of our lives, including our clothing.

6. Tim Brown: Tales of creativity and play
 This talk explores the importance of play in the creative process. The focus is on professional design, but Brown's fundamental ideas can be applied to any area of one's life where creative thinking is beneficial - including creative approaches to dress.


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